TomTom Rider 400 Review

The TomTom Rider 400 is a portable motorcycle GPS. This motorcycle navigator is a new launch and now fully covers all of North America. The TomTom Rider 400 comes with plenty of useful features and a few serious drawbacks that are an absolute blow. Don’t make a decision about buying or not buying the Rider 400 without reading our TomTom Rider 400 review.

The Rider 400, as we mention, comes with a host of brilliant features. The navigation prowess, we think, is the best thing about the 400. There are options to set your navigation to winding roads or hilly roads, making it easier for you to travel. Further, it makes things more exciting as you won’t have to always stick to the long, boring main roads. There are many other features like round-trip planning tool, a lifetime map service, dual-orientation screen, computer sync for route planning, real-time traffic information, and much, much more. Read the pros and cons section to learn all the features, and see why you’ll find it on our list of best motorcycle GPS systems.

tomtom rider 400

Pros, cons, and features of the TomTom Rider 400

The Winding Roads and Hilly Roads features deserve the first mention. The TomTom Rider 400 comes with this couple of features that make your journeys on the motorcycle much easier, faster, and more fun. The Winding Roads features ensures that you get your more-than-fair share of excitement along the way. You will be able to discover winding roads that you can take as alternatives to the same old main roads and straights. With the Hilly Roads feature, you can maintain your position by checking your elevation. Either stay at the sea level or go to higher elevations, all without losing track of the useful information.

Being a motorcycle GPS navigator, the TomTom Rider 400 has to brace all sorts of weather. It is therefore sufficiently waterproof and resistant to other environmental problems a GPS navigator in open might face.

The screen is dual orientation. So, if you want to climb down the motorcycle and have a little stroll, you can hold the navigator in portrait view. It makes viewing much easier and more user-friendly. Also, if you place the navigator in portrait view while on the motorcycle, you will be able to better see the way ahead on winding paths.

tomtom rider 400 review

There is a lifetime support for traffic and maps. The map updates are free and the traffic information is always there. You just need to connect a device like your smartphone, tablet, or laptop and you are good to go. Taking the connectivity aspect one bit further is the PC Route Planning feature. It enables you to pre-plan your trip with your PC before you even leave.

Now for the shortcomings of the Rider 400. It has not-so-user-friendly buttons. With gloves on, you will have difficulty in using the buttons. Planning on the fly is not possible. Wiring instructions are not included in the user manual, so get it done by a professional.

Our findings: TomTom Rider 400 review

On our use of the Rider 400, none of the shortcomings bugged us. The screen is brilliant and you can read and see clearly even under direct sunlight. As for tracks, you can easily upload GPX tracks, but not anything else. There is a MyDrive connectivity that can be used to share real-time traffic information, waypoints, routes, destinations, etc. between your smartphone, tablet, or PC and the device.

The maps are well-detailed and plenty. You can check the official website to know which maps are available for which variations. Most probably, you will have the US, Canada, and Mexico maps. Points of interest (POIs) are also there.

We love the automatic return-trip planner. If you pick a place to visit, the Rider 400 automatically picks a route for going there and also for coming back. It is a round-trip planner, in other words. This is a feature many beginners as well as professionals will find handy.

tomtom rider 400 gps review

The inclusion of North American maps and traffic data is new. Newer, at least, on comparison to the European counterpart. Still, we found that there were no fallacies in most of the maps and navigation was pretty accurate. Many roads and paths are named, which makes it easier to stay informed about where you are at the current time.

In our experience, the sturdiness was very well. A really decent weather-proof design and quality build ensures the product a good life and performance.

You can give audio instructions through the Bluetooth service, which is a huge bonus.

Upon unpacking, you get the Rider 400 navigator, a motorcycle mount, a RAM mount, and a battery cable. The user guide is not really user-friendly and could be a nightmare to go around. Give it enough time, however, and you will be good to go.

Customer response for the Rider 400

The customers surely have problems with the shortcomings of the Rider 400. However, the great features that the Rider 400 comes with are also worthy of commendation here. That is what the customers love.

Starting from the route planning to the winding road feature – you will find a lot to love in the Rider 400. This is a GPS navigator that delivers on the promise of making your journey more exciting and fun. At the same time, it makes the travel easier and faster as well. This overall experience of saving time and having better journeys is what customers love the most about the Rider 400.

Wrapping up the review

The TomTom Rider 400 works on the principle of making your journeys more exciting, thus enabling you to “create your adventure.” It is surprising how this GPS navigator actually fares very well on that front. In other words, the look-and-feel, user experience and interface design, functionality, and the host of features all seamlessly work towards the common aim of creating new adventures.

Yes, it comes with its drawbacks. However, how heavily do the drawbacks weigh against the many good things in the Rider 400 is up for your consideration. We would recommend getting the Rider 400, especially when it is on such heavy discount right now. Get ready to transform your journey into a fascinating experience every time!

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