How to pick a good motorcycle GPS

There are different options of motorcycle GPS available in the market that you can choose from. However, you need to choose the option that will meet your specific requirements. Learning how to pick a good motorcycle, therefore, is very important. It is important to note that choosing a GPS system for a bike is quite different from choosing one for a vehicle. The main concerns for the two vary greatly. For motorcycle, the GPS system needs to be rugged, waterproof, hands-free and must come with a long-lasting battery life. It must also come with features such as the anti-glare screen.

How to pick a good motorcycle GPS

What to look out for when picking a good motorcycle GPS?

Before buying a GPS for your motorcycle, you must be aware of some of the most fundamental features that must be a component of the navigation system. Firstly, it must be waterproof. Bikers know that one thing they have to contend with is rain or water splashes. Having a GPS that is not waterproof is a waste of money because it will not last long.

The second important feature to have in mind when considering how to pick a good motorcycle GPS is the hand free option or Bluetooth capacity. If the GPS you are considering does not have a Bluetooth for earplugs or port for headset, then you need to reconsider the brand. A GPS system with a speaker cannot be functional on a motorcycle. This is because it will not be audible when you are riding in a traffic prone area. In addition, the GPS will also have a hard time in voice command recognition as a result of noise and disturbances.

How to pick a good motorcycle GPS – Other things to consider

Apart from waterproof and hands-free options, there are other features that you need to consider before making up your mind on how to pick a good motorcycle GPS. You must be aware that hardware comes with the main GPS unit and you need to know how many other things you will have to purchase separately to make the device function optimally. Also, you need to know the features and programs that are preinstalled on the device. You must be clear on how much more you will need to pay in order to acquire extra software applications. It is also important to know if the navigator is compatible with all the other devices you want to use with the GPS.

Questions to ask when choosing a GPS for your motorcycle

There are some pertinent questions you need to ask when considering how to pick a good motorcycle GPS. Your budget is very important. How much are you willing to pay for the device? Another area to probe is the screen size you need for your motorcycle. Is the screen size of the GPS unit you have picked large enough for your need? You need an optimal screen size with anti-glare to be able to see clearly in the sun without needing to squint.

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