Garmin Zumo 595LM Review

The Garmin Zumo 595LM is the new bestseller for people who want a highly efficient and relible GPS navigator when they are on the go. Everything that you need and more — you can find it in the Zumo 595LM. There is also the 395LM that you can go for if your budget is lower, but we very much recommend this one. Why? Well, read along our Garmin Zumo 595LM review and you will learn shortly. It is on our list of best motorcyclists’ GPS systems for a reason.

Do you need a music player? Hands-free calling? Bluetooth connectivity? An excellent satellite coverage? Adventure in your travels? Well, the 595LM is the device you are looking for.

garmin zumo 595lm review

Pros, cons, and features of the Garmin Zumo 595LM

The 595LM has a bigger screen than the 395LM. 5 inches mean no detail goes missing even when you are riding on full speed and barely looking at it. The perfect resolution also makes things very clear from text to terrain particularities.

A bit about a technology that you will find included in the Zumo 595LM: The Adventurous Routing feature in the 595LM enables you to discover the “twisty, hilly, terrain-hugging roads” instead of the typical straight roads, while avoiding highways as well. This adds to the adventure and thrill part of your journey and we love it.

Now, what more does a biker need than adventure, right? Wrong. It’s not always good to be absorbed in fun and fun only. With the 595LM, you will have to worry much less, thankfully. Rider alerts will keep you updated on helment laws, sharp curves, animal crossings, speed cameras, red lights, and so on. This quickly becomes very useful as you start enjoying your ride more and more.

garmin zumo 595lm

Now, being an LM model, it gives you lifetime access to map updates. This is quite an important thing as the geography keeps changing, just like the growth of cities.

Let’s cover the shortcomings of the 595LM. The 595LM won’t be able to stay up too much if it’s not connected to a power source. In other words, you are fine if you are riding. The moment you disengage the navigator and take it on a stroll, the battery starts depleting pretty quick. Besides that, we are yet to find other faults. Some people might experience difficulties in figuring out their way around the main menu, but it all becomes very easy very quickly.

zumo 595 review



Our findings: Garmin Zumo 595LM review

The Zumo 595LM comes with a great 5″ screen. The screen is well-detailed and very much clear. You will find no flaw whatsoever. Also, Garmin has continually learned about what its customers want over the years. The Zumo 595LM comes with a host of improvements over predecessor models. Anyone wishing for a GPS navigator can’t possibly find a more perfect device.

If you want to have the functionality of tire pressure monitor system or VIRB cameras for live-recording of the action as it happens, you can easily connect them up with the 595LM.

Long journeys also need a navigation companion that can brace the elements and the weather. The Zumo 595LM is going to have no problems with fuel vapors, rain, UV rays, dust particles, and so on. All you need to take care of is yourself.

Now, what a lot of GPS navigators fail in is seamless usage even when wearing gloves. Not all GPS devices are glove-friendly. Not the 595LM, however. The Garmin Zumo 595LM is very glove-friendly and we have had the chance to test it with multiple kinds of gloves. The navigation was very easy with all kinds.

The Adventurous Routing can be broken in some cases. Highways or cities might be there after all. This happens rarely but it does. We mainly receive complaints of this kind. In our first-hand experience, things were pretty smooth. Nevertheless, if your Adventurous Routing doesn’t work as expected, nothing is broken with your device — know that.

Customer response for the Zumo 395LM

There are many little features that make up the Zumo 595LM. In the beginning, customers generally dislike these features because of their difficulty of use. But we learned that once you have had your fair share of usage, you will start using all the features interchangeably and your journeys would be much improved. For example, the unsaved road avoidance feature is no use in the beginning. Once you are ready, however, then that is one of the best features in the Zumo 595LM.

All in all, people love the user-friendliness and set of features.

Using the 595LM on a daily basis is something a lot of people do. They don’t report any serious malfunctioning or error. There are ways a GPS navigator should be used. If you use the 595LM the right way, you will find that it is perhaps the best GPS device you will find for motorcycle navigation.

Wrapping up the Zumo 595LM review

Many go with the Garmin Zumo 395. For the extra bucks you are paying for the 595LM, you can be sure that you are getting their worth. The improvements are the screen size being bigger (4.3” vs. 5.0”). Further, there is a dual-orientation display, support for 3D terrain, smartphone notifications support, and LiveTrack — all of these features come in very handy.

One tip from our end would be to settle for 395LM only and only if you are an absolute beginner in biking. In any other case, go for the 595LM and see for yourself.

Anyway, back to the topic.

The Garmin Zumo 595LM is a great tool for GPS navigation. Of course, with great features, you also need a good deal of reliability. Also, you need a good compass that can fix your location very fast and is very accurate. With the 595LM, you are getting all of it.

There is simply no reason to not recommend the purchase of a Zumo 595LM. If you have the bucks, go for it. It is one of the best, if not the best, out there. You will enjoy using it and after a while all the features will become very useful too.


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