Garmin Montana 680T Review

Garmin Montana 380t is a GPS navigator from Garmin, a brand specializing in making GPS equipment. The Montana 680t is on the higher price end but totally lives up to the price. Our Garmin Montana review focusses on various aspects like what is the best thing about this GPS navigator and what might be a reason for not buying it. The 680t is although a premium GPS navigator which will most probably be good for any outdoor purpose from hiking to hunting, it still might have some flaws you would not expect. So, read on through the entire Garmin Montana 680t review to know whether you should be buying this or not, and why it’s on our list of best motorcycle GPS devices.

garmin montana 680t

Pros, cons, and features of the Garmin Montana 680t

First of all, the camera. This handheld GPS unit comes with an 8 megapixels camera. Now you can shoot what you are seeing. Geotagging is done automatically. That means the images you take have the information about where they were shot embedded right into them.

You are getting a one-year subscription to BirdsEye Satellite Imagery. Using the BESI, you can easily have a look around your current whereabouts. In other words, you can “see your surroundings.”

The 100K resolution topo maps covering the entire United States come with the device. Preloaded. No more need to download additional maps to fill your areas of interest. The maps are very fine and have lots of details (a total of 250 thousand geocaches).

The Montana 680t’s price is higher than many other handheld GPS units and its primary reason is the screen. The Montana 280t has a touchscreen that you can work even with your gloves on.

The screen is 2” by 3.5”. It is dual-orientation. Meaning that if you are in a hurry and hold out your GPS upside down, you won’t have to fix the orientation as the contents will rotate.

Our findings: Garmin Montana 680t review

The first thing we would like to tell is that the GPS is extremely accurate and fast. Heavy cover has no impact on the accuracy of the location prediction. Further, the location is picked up really fast. Faster than any other handheld GPS unit we have tested, in fact. The receiver is high-sensitivity. GLONASS support, coupled with Hotfix satellite prediction, ensures that your position is precise and loads up pretty quick.

garmin montana 680t review

The Montana 380t builds up heavily on its predecessors. We are even tempted to calling it a major overhaul. The user interface simplifies things a lot. The look-and-feel is better. The position-locking is much improved. Good battery and good satellite power. A well-performing glove-ready touchscreen with fine maps and lots of map data is just the icing on the cake. You just can’t ask for any more at this price.

This handheld GPS unit weighs slightly more than 0.6 pounds. It fits perfectly in your grip and has the right amount of weight. You can carry it for long periods of time.

Additional features

We found the durability to be more than we require. It comes with the standard IPX7 water resistance, nothing too special there. Further, however, it has added layers to durability. The design is made to be bump resistant. It is also perfectly sturdy and resistant to light damage to a great extent. Splashes, sweat, humidity, and so on are no problem either.

Storing tracks is something we all like to do. Small or long trips, what use are trips if you can’t keep them away? Well, there is something more to that if you go for the Montana 680t. The 680t comes with a track manager. The track manager can be used to organize the track logs. You can start and stop logging with the push of one function. Custom waypoints are easy to navigate through, browse, and find with the track manager.

garmin montana review

The battery backup is officially 22 hours with AA batteries and 16 hours with Li-ion batteries. However, in our experience, the results were a bit poorer. We couldn’t get the chance to test it on more longer journeys so we can’t provide a mean duration, but it was closer to 20 hours and 15 hours, respectively.

And in case you are wondering, the City Navigator maps are not with the device. They are optional with all Garmin devices.

Customer response to the 680t

Customer response is really good for the 680t.

Not a lot of people buy it. If your budget doesn’t permit, you can’t either. But once you buy it, you won’t have to look for a replacement ever.

It is simply one of the best all-rounder handheld GPS unit and that is precisely why customers love it so much. No problem streaks have been reported. Defects are extremely rare.

Wrapping up our Garmin Montana 680 review

All in all, the Garmin Montana 680t is a premium GPS navigator that just won’t let you down. It has been built to perfection. Screen, maps, detailing, storage, track log, camera functionality – you name it. If there is any GPS navigator better than the Montana 680t in this price range, we’d be in for a surprise.

The 680t is a good choice. If your budget allows, albeit, with some room, this is a sure thing that you should buy. Not only will the 680t be a good companion, but it will be a good guidance as well. The tons of features are not from a marketing point-of-view at all. This navigator is made for people who have experience outdoors. You just somehow feel that when you use it.

Hiking, hunting, or just planning a simple outdoor trip – the Garmin Montana 680t has features enabling you to use it in any situation perfectly. It has qualities and manufacturing advantages for any of the outdoors situations. You might not be able to fight a wild bear with it, which you won’t have to, most probably, but everything else is just fine with the 680t.

The Garmin Montana 680t, therefore, is an excellent choice. No overestimation there at all.

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