Garmin Montana 610 Review

The Garmin Montana 610 is one of those motorcycle GPS navigators that have the best kind of customer response and online ratings. The Montana 610 doesn’t get that kind of praise for nothing. It comes with features that make your travels much more exciting and fun. It also adapts. If you want to save time, you will learn how to do that with the Montana 610. If you simply want to discover more places, you will learn to do exactly that. Check out our Garmin Montana 610 review to find out how. If it isn’t your cup of tea, feel free to take a look at other options on our list of best GPS devices for motorcyclists.

In a nutshell, the Montana 610 comes with a bunch of attractive features. Preloaded geocaches, BirdsEye subscription, an efficient and reliable GLONASS navigation (standard for most of Garmin GPS devices) make it one of the best out there.

garmin montana 610 review

Pros, cons, and features of the Montana 610

Now you don’t have to manually download and install geocaches to cover the entire nation. Over 250,000 geocaches are already there. The source is, so you know you are only getting the very best. These geocaches are not only very detailed in their information, but in the display of the terrain as well.

The next thing we would like to point out is the screen. We absolutely love it. The screen of the Garmin Montana 610 is precisely what you need, if not subtly more. It is a 4″ dual-orientation screen that we are talking about. It is touchscreen and can be worked on with gloves on. Dual-orientation means you won’t have to struggle with lower visibility of the path ahead. You can just turn it portrait and see the whole path ahead with ease.

garmin montana 610

There is a track manager included. This can come in very handy. The track manager essentially simplifies browsing, organizing, storing, and navigating through your custom waypoints, routes, and track logs. You can also start and stop the recording of a track log with just one button.

Along with the GPS satellites you can also track GLONASS ones, which is a huge bonus in some areas. Now zooming right through large pieces of wilderness is much easier. Getting a signal is no problem anyway for the Montana 610. But in case you can’t, the GLONASS support might come in handy.

garmin montana 610 for sale

Our findings: Garmin Montana 610 review

The features aside, we love the build quality of the product. The rugged design offers a great deal of reliability and added protection against the elements of nature. When you are on your motorcycle speeding through highways or winding paths, you need a GPS navigator that you can trust. The Montana 610 is exactly that.

It’s big. It’s tough. The Montana 610 is what you need if you go on journeys exceeding several hours. We found that the colors are better and improved over predecessor devices. Now, it’s easier to see in the sunlight and have clear directions for what lies ahead.

The product comes with one year subscription to BirdsEye Satellite Imagery. You can easily check our your surroundings. What it helps out in is when you are looking for places to be. If you like what you see around, you know the way!

As with most of the Garmin product, the compass is really accurate and picks up your location very fast. It is a 3-axis compass with barometric altimeter to tell you your precise elevation.

From hiking and hunting to camping and casual outings — the Montana 610 excels at everything and at all levels.

One of the things we find lacking is the support for discovering more adventure in your travels. Many motorcycle GPS navigators have features to avoid highways and find winding paths. Well, in our experience, many of those features have been broken to some extent. But still, they were there. Garmin should also up their game a notch by coming up with an adventure-seeking technology right in their Montana 610.

Customer response for the Montana 610

Customers generally love the Montana 610. Garmin is a manufacturers that many of us trust when it comes to GPS navigators of all kinds, not just motorcycle ones. They excel in producing few of the best navigation devices in general. The same trust is rekindled here. The Montana 610 delivers on its promise of efficiency, reliability, and feature-richness.

People love the great screen and the battery backup. The next thing on most people’s list would be the toughness. It basically means that the device can endure a lot and go through a great deal of roughness, exactly what you will also be going through if you do serious biking.

When you are riding, one of the most important things is reading clearly what’s on the screen. The Garmin Montana 610 is a huge update over predecessors. Garmin has learned what the users want. The screen in the 610 is very readable. Even people with an impaired eyesignt would be able to easily read and distinguish between the multiple elements on the screen.

Wrapping up the review

For off-road traveling, this is perhaps the best you are going to get. It is not perfect, yes, but this is the best out there on the market. Very accurate positioning and swift fixing even through dense canopies. We also love the screen. The screen clarity is really great and the color renders way better than it does in older models from Garmin, as well as most competitors of this particular product.

Not only does the Garmin Montana 610 work well, but it also works for a long period of time without any problems arising out of its usage. You will find yourself by the side of this navigator for a long time to come. So, if you are planning on upgrading your GPS navigator for motorcycle (or a new handheld one, a new one for your vehicle, or anything at all, really), then this is the right product for you. There can rarely be a more legit upgrade at all.

Overall, we highly recommend you go for the Garmin Montana 610 if you are looking for an upgrade over your latest GPS navigator.

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