Buyer’s Guide for Motorcycle Charger

Motorcycle battery chargers are the essential accessories for any biker as it helps them boost the battery life and power of their bike when it is drained or flat completely. Undoubtedly, your bike will not be in use for all seasons and bikers often refuse or avoid using their bikes during the winter season. But, the bad news here is that the battery of your motorcycle would go flat if it is of no use for longer periods during winter seasons. But, you don’t have to sweat about this as there is a solution available which can keep up your battery and maintain its longevity by keeping it charged when the motorcycle is not in use.

Motorcycle battery Charger

The Motorcycle Charger for batteries comes in a variety of power and specifications, and it is important for you to know what to look for and how to choose the best charger for your motorcycle battery. Below are the tips on How to Buy the Best Motorcycle Charger for Batteries.

Battery Types

Not all chargers come with the potential to universally charge all the battery types. Most of the motorcycles come with common battery types like lead acid, sealed maintenance free and flooded or AGM type or Gel Cell Battery. So, you need to closely check what type of battery is being used on the motorcycle that you have and make the selection of the Motorcycle Charger for battery accordingly.

You need to ensure the charger is compatible to charge the battery that is installed in your motorcycle and know Which Motorcycle battery Charger would be best for the model your bike has.

The Peak Amperes of Charger

Most of the Motorcycle Charger for batteries come with this specification mentioned on the label. Here peak ampere is actually the measurement of the uppermost current drawn over one millisecond.

Remember, the higher the amps is, the more current it will draw but with no damaging effects. It is merely the measurement of quality of the charger instead of the measurement of the charging capacity of the charger. The chargers come with stabilizer built-in which can stabilize the current it draws and deliver the required current for charging the battery without damaging effects.

Average Timing for Full Charge

The charger for motorcycle batteries usually comes with 1.5 amps to 3-amps which can charge the motorcycle battery at lightning speed. However, it is necessary that you check the specifications of the battery to know the amps it supports and ensure to make the buying decision based on it.

The 1.5-amp charger can easily charge the Small 12V Motorcycle battery in 1-2 hours, while if you use a 3-amp charger, then it can charge it within 1 hour. The charger with fastest charging capabilities usually come with higher price tags.

Ease of Use

This is basically the personal specifications and the important one because you don’t want to deal with the hassles when it comes to charging your motorcycle battery. So, ensure to buy Motorcycle Charger for the battery which is easy to use and fully automatic.

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